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Previously, I had posted warnings on these sites about game-used XFL team jerseys & helmets. Since then, I have been in contact with numerous former players & league employees who have told me otherwise. Players were given the opportunity to purchase or keep their jerseys & helmets, and many did. Some of these have made their way into private collectors’ hands, and are available for purchase.

Many of the supposed “game-used” XFL items I’ve seen on eBay are clearly fake, and are nothing more than youth helmets with decals slapped on them. However, some players did not wear the league-standard Bike helmet, and wore either a Riddell or a Schutt…someday I hope to have a working database installed on these sites so you can look up your favorite players’ helmet & facemask style, but that is still a ways off.

When pondering whether to purchase an item that is advertised as “game-used”, well, remember these words: Caveat Emptor (buyer beware). Make sure it comes with a letter or certificate of authenticity from a reputable dealer and you can verify its history. Of course, another (and more appropriate) philosophy would be that if you are not certain what constitutes game-used and what does not, then maybe you shouldn’t purchase the item in the first place before doing a fair amount of research.

And please, don’t contact me to verify if an item is game-used or not; I do not have the resources nor contacts to do this, so I would basically be of no help in such a matter.

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